Kempston VTR

Kempston VTR

Identifying vehicle theft and hijacking as a key escalating fleet cost in the early 1990’s, the Kempston Group set about establishing the Kempston Vehicle Theft and Recovery Unit.

The objective of the Unit, headed up by National Director; Eric Haynes, a Former Lieutenant-Colonel with the South African Police Services, was twofold – the safeguarding of our core assets as well as those of our clients.

Since its launch in 1995, full support from top management and significant investment has resulted in this division saving the group some R88 million. As at July 2014 they have enjoyed a 96% success rate. Of 708 vehicle-related incidents, 677 vehicles have been recovered. Measured against a national and global increase in vehicle thefts and hijackings, since 1998 Kempston has bucked the trend and enjoyed an 89% decrease in incidents. Vehicle theft & hijackings increased during 2014, however Kempston’s VTR recovery rate remains at 96%.

The Unit is on stand-by 24/7, 365 days a year and continually adjusts it operation in line with the changing modus operandi of vehicle theft and hijacking syndicates and individuals. Nationally, every staff member is on continual stand-by and the unit operates throughout South Africa and neighboring states.

Various insurance underwriting agencies have mandated KVTR to investigate and recover vehicles on their behalf and to reconstruct accident scenes / investigate accident claims. Between March 2001 and July 2014, the Unit saved their clients in excess of R208 million in claims.

0800 430 430 Kempston Vehicle Theft and Recovery Unit’s toll-free number ensures immediate reaction.

KVTR specialises in the following types of investigations on behalf of insurance underwriting agencies:

  • Vehicle Hijacking Investigations (heavy commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles)
  • Vehicle Theft Investigations (heavy commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles)
  • Vehicle Accident Investigations
  • Housebreaking Investigations
  • Civil Claims

Hijack & Theft

In the unfortunate event that a client’s vehicle is hijacked or stolen, KVTR will conduct a full investigation on behalf of the insurers with the focus to recover the vehicle and/or to establish the legitimacy of the claim:

  • An appointed KVTR Member receives the incident via our National Toll Free Service which is manned 24/7 all year round.
  • The KVTR members immediately make contact with the insured owner/Operations in order to obtain an update and determine if the correct information about the incident was received. This information is then relayed to other KVTR members and the same is mobilized to commence with their visual search.
  • Where the insured vehicle/truck combination is fitted with a tracking/fleet management system, KVTR will immediately make contact with the service provider/monitoring agents in order to obtain the last known vehicle status.
  • KVTR makes use of sophisticated electronic vehicle recovery equipment and all our KVTR vehicles are fitted with tracking equipment. Members are also trained in the tracking and identification of sought vehicles.
  • KVTR circulates the full description of the sought vehicle details via Internet Messaging Service and cell phone technology to various SAPS Units, Law Enforcement Agencies and informers.
  • KVTR interviews and questions all involved drivers/witnesses and obtain full statements from them.
  • KVTR is a subscriber to the Unicode System. Upon commencement of the insurance investigation, all claim details will be loaded by KVTR onto the Unicode system.
  • KVTR will liaise with the SAPS on a regular basis and ascertain that the sought vehicles are correctly circulated on the police computer system.
  • KVTR notifies all RSA border police units to be on the lookout for the sought vehicles.
    Vehicle valuations (Mead & McGrouther) will be obtained.
  • Where fraud is suspected by KVTR, will a credit enquiry be conducted with ITC to determine if possible financial problems exists.
  • KVTR visits Police vehicle safeguarding facilities on a regular basis to ascertain that the vehicle was not possibly impounded.
  • A comprehensive investigation report, including all supporting documents that were obtained, will be electronically submitted to the insurers within 14 days.

Vehicle Recoveries

  • Where sought vehicles were recovered, KVTR will assist the owner/insured with the identification process of the recovered vehicle.
  • KVTR will also conduct an inspection of the recovered vehicle and report to the insurer about the condition and damage of the vehicle.
  • Wherever possible, KVTR will furnish the insurer with digital photos of the recovered vehicle.

Accident Investigations

KVTR investigates vehicle accidents nationally on a 24/7 basis. Our aim is to attend to the accidents while the involved vehicles “wheels are still turning”. Therefore KVTR immediately attends to accident scenes upon receipt of the mandate from the insurer:

  • KVTR will formally interview all the involved drivers, passengers and witnesses. Relevant statements will be obtained where possible.
  • Involved vehicles will be inspected for roadworthiness, old damage and new damage.
  • The complete accident scene will be documented, measured (where possible) and photographed.
  • KVTR will liaise with the SAPS and obtain the SAPS Accident Report, third party details and other possible information/documentation.
  • A comprehensive investigation report, including all supporting documents that were obtained, will be electronically submitted to the insurers within 14 days.

Housebreaking Investigations

KVTR investigates housebreaking incidents with the focus to establish the legitimacy of the claim and to possibly recover the stolen goods.

  • Upon commencement of the investigation will the KVTR members immediately contact the insured and set up an appointment.
  • KVTR will physically visit the scene where the actual housebreaking occurred and obtain a full list of goods that were stolen (including values).
  • KVTR will give the insurers an indication in the event that the insured is possibly under-insured.
  • The KVTR investigator will liaise with the SAPS investigator throughout the processing of the claim in order to successfully complete the investigation.


  • KVTR renders a 24/7, 365 day service to our clients.
  • Claims can be reported to KVTR’s 24 hour Toll Free Service for immediate commencement of investigations.
  • KVTR has branches nationwide and has a fixed pricing structure. Therefore insurers can be at ease that they will not receive any nasty surprises when it’s time for billing.

Civil Claims

  • KVTR investigates civil claims when applicable.

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