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The Kempston Owner Driver Solutions has been established to facilitate the support Enterprise Development and Empowerment initiatives through providing products and services to both business owners and owner driver entrepreneur.

Business Owners

As business owner you are continuously under cost pressures and looking for efficiency improvements. You are also required to improve your BBBEE scorecard in order to remain a business that is in support of Enterprise Development and Empowerment initiatives.

If your business model and the products or services you offer to your customers require transportation to the market, in various forms, an Owner Driver scheme might be a further opportunity to expand your empowerment initiatives, Enterprise Development as well as comply with BBBEE requirements. In the long run, schemes such as this typically improve cost efficiencies and service levels to your customers.

Our offer to the market is to bring Owner Drivers and Clients together, through the management of an owner Driver Scheme. We offer the Owner Driver a complete back office solution, taking care of all administrative and accounting functions on their behalf, while they focus on delivering your products and / or services in time and to the right destination in order to comply with the service level you agreed with your end customer.

If you have a need to empower some of your current staff and can use an Owner Driver scheme as a possible solution to achieve this objective, we can enter into an agreement with your business, set up such a project and manage it to the advantage and benefit of all parties. Helping people own their business and to control their own destiny creates pride and respect, leading to a higher quality of service and productivity.

Furthermore, if you have a current fleet of vehicles which can be used as basis for such a venture we would enter into a sale agreement (of selected vehicles in your fleet) with your business, for the benefit of the Owner Driver, in order to also minimise the impact on your cost structures during the transition phase. Full detail of this, if applicable and feasible, will be negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis – selected vehicles will be matched to screened and approved Owner Driver Entrepreneurs to initiate the scheme.

Cut-off parameters, meaning vehicle age and/or odometer readings, will be agreed to, in order to ensure service delivery standards are met – thus minimizing breakdowns and other related mechanical vehicle failures.

We are also in the position to help with costing the remuneration tariffs for an Owner Driver scheme in order to make it economically viable for both your business as well as for the new entrepreneur, who you are going to contract with.

Owner Drivers

Economic growth is essential when addressing unemployment and poverty worldwide and specifically in South Africa. Enterprise development is defined as the time and capital invested in helping people to establish, expand and improve their businesses. Enterprise development aims to create and promote entrepreneurship to ultimately contribute towards job creation and the sustainability of small and medium-sized business, through which much required economic growth is achieved, thus addressing unemployment and poverty.

The Kempston Group decided to embark on a value add project in order to add to the growth of the economy over the foreseeable future, and has committed itself, amongst others, to an Enterprise Development and Empowerment initiative in the form of an Owner-Driver Scheme. The administration of the scheme is done by the Group through a purpose-established Management Company, with the trading name of Kempston Owner Driver Solutions (known as KOS), dedicated to this function.

The message we have for potential Owner Drivers:

“How would you like to employ a fully qualified Business and Transport Manager to help manage your Owner Driver business with you? Our Management role is to make sure your business procedures and systems are in place and your records and information kept up to date.”

Having a dedicated Management Company gives you the opportunity to focus on operating your revenue generating vehicle (truck, LDV) as optimally as possible, and making a profit – while you take care of the operational side of the business, you can take comfort in the fact that your administrative procedures and accounting are done and complied with by the dedicated staff of KOS.

What does our Transport Manager solution offer the Owner Driver?

  1. Maintaining your business details and certification (statutory and operational)
  2. Capturing of pre and post-trip inspection sheets
  3. Managing the service schedules for your LDV / truck (& trailer) and booking in with relevant maintenance suppliers for inspection or scheduled services
  4. Maintaining service planners for your vehicle(s)
  5. Defect reporting and monitoring per individual vehicle
  6. Monitor service reports and manage operating costs and record keeping of same
  7. Monitor tyre wear
  8. OBC management and analysis, as well as infringement reporting and management
  9. Manage application for annual vehicle license renewal and COF
  10. Report on monthly fuel prices, consumption and refueling cost
  11. Driver License and PrDP renewal notification
  12. Notify of annual medical test to be done
  13. Arrange RFA membership if required (+/- R600 pa)

Management Accounting and administration services on offer:

  1. Regularly send invoices to your client for work done
  2. Debtors billing and collection of payments
  3. Payment of creditors, including six-monthly provisional tax
  4. Pay PAYE and other statutory administration for employees where required
  5. Provide Monthly Management accounts and reports
  6. Monthly VAT returns and payments – currently for taxable supplies over R1million pa
  7. Drafting and presenting of Annual Financial Statements

We know that making a profit in the transport industry is not easy. We offer a service that will help Owner Drivers manage costs, thereby improving returns. Like in any business, additional costs could be incurred by owners, due to lack of proper administrative processes and practices – potentially leading to inefficiencies and losses.

We reduce these inefficiencies, prevent losses and achieve savings, by supporting Owner Drivers through interventions with suppliers, including:

  • Vehicle and trailer purchasing and financing arrangements
  • reducing service costs through negotiating labour and parts prices,
  • buying fuel at preferential rates,
  • insurance premiums negotiated as a group,
  • mobile phone contracts negotiated, with the right balance between talk time and data

We estimate that we can save the average owner driver up to 7% by performing these services for them / on their behalf instead of them trying to do it themselves. In addition they would not fall behind in the administration of their business affairs, due to a lack of attention, which could have a much bigger cost implication – you could fall foul of SARS and other statutory bodies if your administration is non-compliant, and could be prohibited from doing business in future as entrepreneur/ owner of your own business and possibly lose your Owner Driver contract with your customer.

Additional Services Available

  • Replacement driver hire (Sickness & holiday cover)
  • We aim to provide experienced drivers at a competitive price; our drivers can be trusted to look after your asset.
  • SLA reporting when required

If you have an SLA (service level agreement) with your customer we can report on contractual obligation performance and compliance.

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