About Us

A pioneer of the self-drive vehicle rental concept, East London-based businessman; Tony Cotterell, established Kempston Truck Hire in 1973. At that time, it is doubtful that he envisaged that this basic operation would evolve into the large and diverse group of companies known as the Kempston Group.

The Kempston Group offers a broad spectrum of specialised services. Over the years, it has diversified its interests and now operates in sectors outside of the transport arena including logistics, financial services, contract cleaning services, recruitment, fuel, retail and agricultural.

Throughout the four decades of operation, continuity of personalised and quality service has instilled confidence in the Kempston name. The common themes in these businesses are a family culture, strong entrepreneurial spirit, passion for customers, and a desire to offer practical solutions to our valued clients.

We have made our mark in South Africa’s highly competitive industry sub-sectors by consistently fine-tuning our service spectrum to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

With branches countrywide and employing in excess of 4000 staff members, our aim is to be the best, not necessarily the biggest, provider of premium products and services within the sectors that we serve. We understand exactly what it is that our customers need and our team is committed to going the extra mile to meet those requirements.

At Kempston, we are proud of where we’ve come from, but we’re more proud of where we’re going. So if you’re looking for a service partner, no matter what the industry, talk to us, you may be surprised at what we have to offer.